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Block Letter

Definition of Block Letters – Block letters are otherwise known as straight-form letters. Many companies/agencies use this form of a letter in doing business/cooperation. Why? Because the block letter has met the criteria for correspondence in conducting cooperation between companies. What is an example of a block letter? Well in this article we will discuss it.

A letter with a neat and complete format is the type of letter used for business/collaboration such as block. The format of this letter consists of writing the letter number, opening greetings, attachments, and copies. In doing the writing must start from the left margin / left margin. Curious? The following is information about an example of a Block Letter.

What is a Block Letter?

A letter whose shape is straight, almost the same as the type of full block letter (full straight letter). This form of the letter is widely used by companies/agencies in carrying out business cooperation. Why? Because this letter has a neat and compact format. So that it can be more easily understood by readers.

What distinguishes a block letter from a full block is the letter format. Placement of the date of the letter, closing greeting, name of the agency, name of the position, and full name is located on the top right. While in full block format, it is located on the left of the letter. Well, that’s what distinguishes the two letters.

In essence, this block letter is addressed by a company to another company to carry out a collaboration. This collaboration will certainly benefit the two companies/agencies. The form of the cooperation can be in the form of product offerings, service offerings, requests for product and service offers. This will make it easier for both parties to work together.

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Block Letter Format

Before knowing examples of block letters, it’s good to know the format of the letter. This letter format is very easy to follow. With the appropriate letter format, it will certainly make it easier to collaborate between companies. The following are the parts/formats of block letters that must be known before knowing examples of block letters:

  • Letterhead/ Header
  • Date the letter was created
  • Reference number
  • To whom/name of agency/company
  • Company/institution destination address
  • Thing
  • Greetings
  • preliminary
  • Explanation of contents
  • Closing
  • closing
  • Name of agency/company that issued the letter
  • The name of the person who signed the letter
  • The position that signed the letter
  • Attachment
  • Copy

The format in this letter block cannot be wrong in its placement. Do it step by step well and coherently, so you can make a good and neat letter block. With a clear letter format, it will be easier for the reader/company to understand the content and purpose of the letter sent.

So, that’s information about what a block letter is and the format of a Block Letter. With complete and clear information, it will certainly make it easier for anyone to write this letter. Thus a review of block letters, I hope this article is useful.

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