Acceptance Of Job Cover Letter For Graphic Designer Jobs

Here is a sample Acceptance of Job Cover Letter for Graphic Designer Jobs,

Mr. Irving Marks

1440 Broadway, New York, USA

Dated: 08-06-2009

Dear Sir

I am delighted receiving your letter offering me position of Graphic Designer with ABC Advertising Agency.  Many thanks for this opportunity.

I am writing this letter to confirm my acceptance of the offer to join you as Graphic Designer. I will be able to join you right after 2 weeks after speaking to my current employer and submitting resignation to him. I am pleased to join bigger organization containing new challenges and opportunities to grow up professionally in the field of graphic designing.

I agree with all terms included in your offer according to our last discussion and look forward to learn your employment contract. If there is any more information or instructions for me, please let me know.

Thanks a lot





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