Acceptance Of Job Offer Cover Letter For Advertising

Mr. Joseph Carducci

1020 Plaza Circle, Joppa, Maryland, USA

Dated: 25-05-2009

Dear Sir

Our meeting of last day was really operative and I appreciate your convenient way of communication during interview. I have just received your letter offering me the position of Advertising Manager in ABC Manufacturing Company. I am pleased to hear this opportunity.

Sir, I am accepting your offer with great delight to become part of your marketing team as Advertising Manager. I agree with all the policies, salary, incentives and other benefits offered. I have got vital understanding of details we discussed in our meeting. I am certain to put my effective services for advertising your products and services for good sales and help to plan new programs for sake of developing advertisement with efficient output. This opportunity will be a source to accomplish my interests of evaluating systematic strategies for Marketing Advertisement.

I am certain to join you from the given date of April 1, 2009. Meanwhile if there is any additional information for me, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

Thanks again for this great opportunity


Tom Lee




Yes I found an A grade essay. Really?? Did she write THAT