Acceptance Of Job Offer For Administrative

Here is a sample Cover Letter for Accepting a Job Offer related to Administrative Jobs. Receiving a Job Offer is a cheerful event. It shows a well worthy reward of your hard work to earn this chance. It is critical however to continue with your professional image that you created during your selection process like while applying for this job, during and after interview. So here goes this sample cover letter to communicate your decision of accepting the offered job with all due responsibilities.

Here is the how you should write this letter.Acceptance of Job Offer for Administrative Jobs

Camera Katt

123- Circular Road,

New York, United States of America

Date: 25-07-2010

Mr. Richard Boucher

246- Park Avenue

ABC Company Limited

New York

Dear Mr. Richard,

You will be pleased to know that I have accepted your offer for the post of Assistant Manager in ABC Company for the fixed remuneration of $___ per month. I shall join your office and staff from 1st August 2010.

As you mentioned in my interview that I will have to monitor the timings of entrance and exit of employees in factory A, facilitate all the employees in case of any requirement, be responsible for the provision of all administrative things from pencil to everything to the office, I would like to state that I will try my level best to perform all my duties.

I you want to ask anything from me before 1st August, please feel free to communicate me at 123-456-789.


Camera Katt




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