Authorization Letter Sample

Authorization Letter Sample

Authorization Letter Sample – of attorney, a word that is still foreign to people aged 20 and under or those who are not familiar with the world of work. What exactly is a power of attorney? What are the benefits or goals? And how to make it?. For that, let’s see the review below regarding the power of attorney:
What is a power of attorney?

Authorization Letter is a letter that contains the granting of power or authority to a person to carry out certain affairs. Or it could also be said that you have given authority to someone to represent you in carrying out or carrying out certain affairs.

Power of attorney plays an important and quite significant role, especially for those of you who have a job or are busy or you have a lot of activities. Of course, you will encounter several matters such as obtaining a driver’s license, ID card, NPWP, marriage certificate, vehicle tax, and others that must be resolved by coming directly to their respective offices.
Surely you will feel confused about choosing a job that cannot be left alone or choosing to manage the identity card, you must be confused right?

That is the background of how important a power of attorney is. So you have to need a third party, namely, someone to help complete one of the matters above, to validate or so that the office or institution concerned believes in the recipient. You must attach a letter of authorization, now this letter is called a power of attorney.
So power of attorney is very important for those of you who are unable to come or complete certain matters. Generally, power of attorney is given easily from the power of attorney to a third party or the recipient of the power of attorney. But this letter also has a strong legal standing.

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What are the types of power of attorney?

Power of attorney has formal and informal types, while in terms of its characteristics it is divided into three, namely individual power of attorney, official power of attorney, and special power of attorney. Below is the description:

The personal power of attorney
By the name stated, that this letter is generally given by a person (the author of the power of attorney) to another person (the recipient of the power of attorney) to represent him in a limited scope, namely personal matters. In addition, this power of attorney is more non-formal because it is not made from a formal institution. Examples of this letter are a letter of taking a salary, paying something, taking goods, etc.

Official power of attorney
The official power of attorney tends to be formal in nature because it is made by an institution formal or official addressed to certain officeholders to represent leadership or organization in certain affairs. This letter is formal, so, The method of making it is somewhat different from a personal power of attorney. That’s the discussion about Authorization Letter may be useful.

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