Business Letter Sample

The business letter format is formally with a company very important for communication. You should not have to write in the same voice, as if to write family or friends, has a business letter, more formally. These steps describe the full block format in which all lines begin at the left side.

• Enter. The letters with a word processing program Formal letters should not be written by hand.

• Use your own letterhead. If you do not have letterhead, use formal, 8 1/2-inch-by-11-inch stationery with a matching envelope. Avoid store-bought greeting cards.

• If you no preprinted letterhead, type your name, title and return address five fifty-six lines from top to bottom on the page.

• Enter the date five fifty-eight lines down from the letterhead or return address. Three lines below the standard.

• Select the orientation: left aligned on both sides or justified.

• Direct two lines and enter the recipient’s full name, business name and address, on the left edge aligned. accordingly before the name with Mr., Mrs. or Dr..

• skip three fifty-eight lines and follow with your greeting, again with the official name and closing with a colon “Dear Mr. Jones:” for example.

• Skip two more lines and begin your letter. Imagine in the first paragraph, if the recipient does not know already. Examples: or “We recently at a seminar at the Biltmore satisfied” “I have recently purchased an insurance policy of your company.”

• Drive. With the body of the letter, stating your main purpose for writing These may submit a complaint, the business complement to its products or services or information request. Be as concise as possible.

• Direct two lines and closes the letter with “Sincerely,” “thank you” or “Best wishes,” followed by a comma.

• Allow at least four blank lines for the signature, and enter your name and title. Log created the letter in ink in the space.




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