Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template


As it is known to start a business requires a mature business plan, you must take the time to collect as much information related to the business as possible later, start by recording whatever comes to your mind, then look for information and other data, anything.

What to include and what not to include, how to complete and where you can get sources of information to develop a good business plan. There are seven components in preparing a business plan (Business Plan), all of these parts are important, interrelated, and related in business planning activities to produce a good preparation for starting a business.

Wartawirausaha this time will briefly discuss how to make a simple business plan, of course, you can develop this concept as needed to find the most suitable and flexible concept. Here are the important components in compiling a Business Template.

Business Description Review

Here you must briefly explain what line of business you will run. Write down the potential of your product today and its possibilities in the future. Also, provide information on market opportunities and product developments to survive and adapt to the existing market.

How to Make a Business Plan Template Tips?

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy to be implemented must be the result of a market analysis that has been carried out carefully. Market analysis is a power that you must use to create target buyers, you must understand all aspects related to the market so that sales targets can be determined (where your product will be marketed).

Competitor Analysis

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Competitor Analysis is used to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in the same market. After finding its strengths, then looking for strategies to market the product differently from competitors. You should also look for strategies to deter competitors from entering and copying the same strategies as yours.

Design and Development Plan

Design and development plans are needed to show product planning stages, development charts in the context of production and sales.

Operational and Management Plan

Operational and management plans are made to explain how the business will run and be sustainable. The operational plan will focus on the company’s logistics needs, for example, the various tasks and responsibilities of the management team, how the assignment procedures are between divisions within the company as well as budget and expenditure requirements related to the company’s operations.


Where does the source of funds come from, how to manage the budget to be efficient but still be able to operate all divisions within the company so that it runs smoothly.

Business Conclusion

The last one compiled is the conclusion of the entire business plan framework. you can display the schedule for each of the above components to be carried out, the estimated time, and other important things that will support all activities in starting a business. That’s a discussion of tips for compiling a Business Template, may be useful.

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