Caregiver Recommendation Letter

If you have received exceptional care by a nurse, then you might want to write a caregiver recommendation letter for them. You can also be addressed by a former supervisor to provide a letter of recommendation, so that they can apply within the field for a new position. A caregiver can someone who cares for the children, the elderly, disabled or be someone who is recovering from a serious illness, surgery or other medical procedures. No matter how you or your family members have been maintained. read about the positive characteristics of the reference person in the letter to speak.

• Include your name and contact information on top of the letter. An employer, for example, you might want to bring you to contact other questions.

2 Place a vague greeting such as “To whom it may concern”, unless the provider has provided you with a specific name to address the letter.

• Explain how you know the caregiver in the first paragraph and in what capacity you get care. For example:

you may have hired the caregiver to your old mother looking for during the day or to care for your children when you are at work. If you know them through different places, use the aspect of your relationship that fits best with the work that they are being followed.

• Put in the dates or the duration of employment, such as enter for 6 months or 5 years to your recommendation, more authority.

• Include one or two paragraphs, the details of why you recommend the caregiver, along with their specific characteristics and qualifications that you declare find impressively. Describe real skills as their knowledge of specific diet plans or their physical strength, they move the patient from place to place. Vague terms like “hard” or “expert” could be applied to any profession.

• Include at least one story to back up the information you provide. For example,

if you find that the caregiver is extraordinary to help children to learn while playing, you have experienced an incident and why it impressed you. In addition, each story that demonstrates how the caregiver responds during a high-pressure medical emergency would be helpful.

• State that you are open to be contacted, if other information is needed, and I thank the recipient for his time.

• Enter a closing such as “Sincerely” and plan to sign the letter of recommendation once you print it.




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