Cashier Resume Cover Letter

Here is a sample Resume Cover Letter for Banking Jobs specially the Cashier. This is a typical cover letter that fulfill all the requirements when someone (a banking professional) apply for a job like Cashier in a reputable bank. Without any doubt, your experience in the related field is the key to be considered as most suitable candidate for this job but mentioning this in your cover letter is also a skill. Here is a sample Cashier Resume Cover Letter that will help you writing your own resume cover letter.Resume Cover Letter for Banking Jobs (Cashier)

Mr. Henry

National Savings Bank

984 Silver Lake Drive

Dated: 19-05-2009

Dear Sir

I was in search of a position of Cashier when I came to know through advertisement about the vacant post of Cashier at main branch of National Saving Bank. So I decided to take advantage of availing the opportunity to post my resume for the Cashier post.

I have experience of work as cashier at Super Store for 2 years. I have full understanding and knowledge of handling the cash, billings, customer’s inquiries and data entries of new and old files of record. I am active with my customers and honest to my duties towards cash and finance of the organization.

I am eagerly interested in this post and I wish to be considered for this job. Please let me know the available time when we can meet to discuss about the details of the job. Please feel free to contact me at 555-122-34567 if any news for me.

Thanks in anticipation


Lee Greenberg

855 Greenville Avenue

Richardson, Texas, USA




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