Civil Engineering Resume

Brian J. Lu

2561 West Drive

Chicago, IL 60601

(312) 540-4089


Seeking a position as Civil Engineer which requires design and building construction experience. Extensive background in large buildings, highways, power plants and apartment construction.


Summary of Qualifications


Over a decade of experience of leading national and international projects. Skilled in project management for large construction and high-standard structural design. Able to speak Spanish and English fluently.



Ability to utilize automated accounting programs and manage accurate and thorough records. Exceptional personnel and management skills. Ability to lead crews and coordinate with management effectively..



Proficient with a wide range of design and engineering software. Knowledge of international construction regulations. Proven ability to finish ahead of schedule and under budget.


Professional Experience

Abram Industries, Chicago, IL


2000 – 2002

Lead Structural Design Engineer

  • Recruited as Lead Structural Engineer for industrial design projects.
  • Issued blueprints in compliance with strict ACSE standards.
  • Utilized several software programs to streamline design process.
  • Received awards for from superiors for delivering well under budget.
  • Advised engineer team of five. Responsible for final approval.

Regence International, Chicago, IL


1998 – 2000

Structural Design Engineer

  • Led a major telecommunications international expansion project as Structural Design Engineer.
  • Also responsible for final design approval.

Lyman Engineering, Chicago, IL


1997 – 1998

Structural Design Engineer

  • Assigned to build major estate projects for budgets exceeding $30 million.
  • Designed homes, swimming pools, shops and garages.
  • Used Excel spreadsheets to organize tasks.

Heavy Industries and RBNC


1994 – 1996

Technical Office Manager

  • Served as Technical Office Manager for large power supplier.
  • Provided technical support on all construction activities.

Rockland & Co.


1990 – 1994

Lead Structural Design Engineer

  • Hired to consult as lead engineer for major commercial construction undertaking.

Education Background

UNIVERSITY of Chicago, Chicago, IL



Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering




Civil Engineer Resume