Computer Resume Skills

The area knowledge contains all the relevant skills for the advertised site that have not been mentioned in the field education or work experience. These include computer skills, language skills and other job-specific skills.

computer skills

It is listed on the software and programming are controlled and how to skillfully in their handling. Choose here only software that is relevant to the activity, or could be.

Tip: The term “Software” means the same as “programs”, but is modern and should therefore be used for more modern occupations and employers.

A uniform scale for the level of knowledge , there are not, but are the usual gradations “Basic”, “good”, “very good”. The presentation is up to you.Here you have the opportunity to be creative and you stand out from the other competitors.


In view of the Microsoft Office skills you should avoid simply “MS Office” to write. This is very general and not particularly meaningful. Be better concrete and write “MS PowerPoint” or, for example, “MS Excel” and rate your skills in each program individually.

Note: It should not be specified outdated software that barely used by a company, such as MS-DOS.

In special skills on the Internet , can also be listed skills such as “blogging” or “Social”. Simply “Internet” to write but not enough. Be specific as possible in your descriptions.

Tip: If developments were completed in the area, this should in bullet training are listed.

If you are applying for positions in the IT sector, it may be useful to list his computer and software knowledge in a separate, third page.

linguistic proficiency

Here both the mother tongue (s) as well as foreign languages are listed. If you can prove knowledge with certificates, this paste with the application. Language skills should be assessed always even. The gradations are as follows:

Basic – The basic vocabulary are controlled and an understanding of basic level works. However, to perform more complex conversations is not yet possible.

Good knowledge – Simple calls can be made, and write with difficulty halfway correct letters. Many words have yet to be looked up and one is still rather uncertain in the language.

Very good knowledge – An everyday conversation can be carried out easily and also the written communication is almost error-free. But complex subjects and especially technical terms are preparing still difficulties.

Fluent in spoken and written – over almost all threads sovereign calls can be made, and also in correspondence very good communication is possible. Newspapers and texts in books can be largely understood easily. It is no longer necessary, internally texts or thoughts to translate. The language flows out of one.

Proficiency – Once also complex technical vocabulary is mastered, the nuances of language are understood and can be completely safe discussed the opposite, dominates one fluent language.

Native – The language is learned from early childhood, and this is dominated largely automated.

Job-specific knowledge

If there are other skills can be recognized in the advertised Department, these should be included under a separate heading.

A license can be specified under the heading “Other”, but only if it is relevant to the job – for example in applications for field service or as a driver.




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