Cover Letter For Job Offer Acceptance

(Senders Address)
26 July 2019

ABC ltd
(Company’s Address)

Dear Sir/Madam

I am pleased to accept the offer for the position of a legal assistant in your organization. It is certainly a pleasure to be a part of ABC ltd. Please consider this letter as my formal acceptance.

I look forward to join the organization and contribute towards the company’s goal. I express my sincere gratitude for providing me this immense opportunity. I appreciate the professionalism shown during the hiring process and look forward to a challenging work environment in the organisation.

It will be wonderful if you could let me know about any advance preparation or paperwork needed to be done before the commemcement or if there are any areas you’d like me to be reading upon.

I look forward to my future association with ABC ltd onĀ August 26, 2009 as agreed.

Thanking you




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