Cover Letter For Recommendation

(Sender’s Address)5 April 2019

HR Manager
(Company’s Address)

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing with great pleasure to recommend Mr. John for the position of an Attorney in ABC ltd. I am a senior professor at International Law School specialized in the field of criminology for over 20 years. I take pride in recommending to you one of my most deserving students.

John is an extremely bright person and has a rare blend of analytical and inter personal skills. I believe his strong academic achievements are self explanatory of his worthiness. He has demonstrated extraordinary diligence and perseverance through out his college studies.His meticulous approach in problem solving is exceptional. I have personally supervised him for 2 criminal psychology projects and  have strong confidence in his abilities to carry out individual researches. Moreover, John has a gift of gab which enhances his performance during cases.

I am certain his association with ABC ltd will be in benifit of the both. I would appreciate your favorable consideration to his application.

Yours Sincerely




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