Cover Letter For Salary Negotiation

Here is this sample letter for you.Cover Letter for Salary Negotiation before Joining for Accounting Jobs

J. Clarke

123- Straight Road,

New York, United States of America

Date: 25-07-2010

Mr. Ricky Punting

246- Eagleton Road

GHI Company Limited

New York, United States of America

Dear Ricky Punting,

I am really pleased to receive an offer from you to work as CFO in your company. This is really a dynamic position and I would love to work with you as I found your staff really disciplined, organized, well trained and co-operative during my tours to your company as external auditor. I am really impressed with your company staff.

In other words I am eager to work in your company but I am currently working in ABC Accountant for the fixed salary of $ 35,000 per month that is higher than the salary you offered me. As I told you in my interview that I want to withdraw myself from the hectic routine of Audit so I want to join industry. There is no other constrain than salary package. I will not hesitate even a single second in accepting your proposal if you will offer me same package.

If you have any question, please feel free to communicate me at 123-456-789. I shall be waiting for your positive response.


J. Clarke




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