Cover Letter For Salary Negotiation

(Sender’s Address)
6 April 2019

HR Manager
(Company’s Address)

Dear Sir/Madam

I am pleased to have been selected for the position of a barrister in ABC ltd. I have identified your organisation as having strong growth opportunities through my job search. I want to say again how extremely pleased i am to have to work with this organisation.

However i would want to discuss the compensation as it is less than i expected. My work experience in the industry and research projects warrants a higher compensation than what is being offered. I have worked with the best attorneys in supreme court and have a fair knowledge of both criminal and civil trials. I have handled all my cases with utmost care and you can definitely expect confidentiality with my work. Also i have a knack for immediately building a good rapport with my clients.

I have sufficient certificates to support my credentials that will reaffirm your faith in my work. I understand that the organisation has its own limitations but i’ll be obliged if you could look into the matter. My work exposure is extensive.

I hope that we can come to terms on this matter and begin our happy association as soon as possible.
Awaiting your response.

Yours sincerely




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