Cover Letter To Personal Referral For Advertising Jobs

Here is a Sample Cover Letter to Personal Referral for Advertising Jobs. Personal Referral for an advertising jobs is a touchy professional letter and hence must be written carefully. Here is this letter,A Sample Cover Letter to Personal Referral for Advertising Jobs

Mr. Darren

179 Greenville Avenue, Suit 110, Richardson, Texas, USA

Dated: 25-05-2009

Dear Mr. Darren

I came to know through a reliable source that your company has a vacant position of Marketing Advertising. Regarding this I would like to refer Mr. Jerry to you. He is already working at XYZ Export Company for marketing & advertisement. His services made for company are really incredible and the value of his brilliant ideas and plans for new projects can not be neglected or minimized. I personally know him for last 7 years. He has perfect abilities to convince others to his opinion, strong speaking power and excellent mind to track and evaluate the opportunities for business management and advertising development. He is sincere to his responsibilities for the good will of company.

I would like you to avail some time to interview him. I strongly believe that he fulfills all the requirements for your Advertising Manager position. I have also talked to Mr. Jerry regarding this. He has prepared his resume to send you. I look forward to hear from you regarding the interview time.

Thanks in anticipation


Claude Hughes

5410 West Lake Apt. D, Indianapolis, USA




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