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10 Doctors Note Template 2019

The doctors note is generally used as a proof which shows that an individual see a doctor, emergency room, or clinic. Doctor note also is a proof that the patient has been examined by him or her on that basis he or she will produce this written recommendation. This written recommendation or doctor’s note is further presented to a school, office or other organization.

Doctor’s notes are generally asked by school and job officials so that they can confirm that the student or employee is not making any unnecessary excuses and indulge in any other activities to skip the classes or work.

For instance, if an individual met with an accident and his hands get fractured. Now in such case obviously he is not able to work efficiently say a typing work. He needs a doctor’s note which clearly states that he is not able to do work for almost a month. If he fails to present the doctor’s note then the company will not believe in him and makes the necessary deduction.

Things to Consider in Any Doctor’s Note

If you are a doctor and if you want to create a personalized doctor’s note then you need to keep some points in your mind to create a professional doctors note.

The first thing which you need to add is contact information. Obviously, you will add but we are reminding you because this is a basic thing which most of the people forget to mention.

Apart from contact information, your note should have a name, phone number, address etc. If possible then add a logo too, this looks even more professional.

Doctors note should have space for patient name along with a diagnosis. You can opt out the details of the visit, this is a kind of information which is confidential between doctor and patience.

Next section should be of information which tells when the patient can return to work or when the patient is able to continue the work without any pressure. For instance “no typing work for 2 weeks”.

The doctor can also prescribe to not to do a particular task depending on the condition, for instance, no extensive walking, no standing for long periods and more.

Doctor note can be act as a legal document if needed. Apart from it, doctors note plays a very important role in job security. No matter whether you are a government employee or private employee it helps you to secure your job when you are unable to complete your task.

Advantages of Using Doctors Note Template

There are multiple advantages of using doctors note template. We are curate our collection for both doctors and individuals. One of the biggest benefits is convenience.

Just look at our doctors note template collection and download or print the one which suits you the best. The another best thing is you can reuse the template as many times as you want.

Creating a template from scratch is not just time taking but needs lots of creativity. Moreover, you may also need to spend money on costly template creation software.

Well, know that you don’t need to do all this as you will get various type of doctors note template right here without spending a single penny. Yes, you read it right you can get access to all our note templates free of cost.

Top 10 Doctors Note Template

Doctors Note Template No. 1

This is a quite simple doctor note which is short, simple, and effective. It is advisable to use below like format as it is easy to understand and even it looks professional too. We have provided a format which has given three days reason. You can edit it and make modification according to your needs.

Doctors Note Template

download Doctors Note Template Examples 1 

Doctors Note Template No. 2

Hope you like the above template but if you think it is for you then check our second template. It is a confidential doctor to doctor form. It is a form which is filled by a doctor and only to be handover by another doctor. This is a document which is generally proposed when the situation is out of control or the patient’s doctor want to refer to another hospital or doctor so that patient can get better facilities. It consists of all the details of the patient which is written by the doctor so the next doctor or hospital can quickly take action by bypassing basic tests.

doctors note template 2
doctors note template 2

download doctors note template 2

Doctors Note Template No. 3

Absence excuse form – request for consideration is our another great template which is quite simple and easy to understand. Below template consist of many details and option which can be utilized in many ways. We have added checkbox and some empty filed in the template so one can simply use and print it without making any modification. Still, if you need any modification and need to add something then you are free to do that as the word file we are providing is fully editable and customizable.

doctors note template 3
doctors note template 3

download doctors note template 3

Doctors Note Template No. 4

If all the above templates feel too much complicated for you then we have a simplest one too. Below you will get absence authorization template which is one of cleanest and attractive template you will find here in this page. We focus on prime and important things only. You will not get anything which wants to remove, yes further if you feel that something need to be added then feel free to do it. However, we are a hundred percent sure that you don’t need to add anything as it has all the fields.

doctors note template 4
doctors note template 4

download doctors note template 4

Doctors Note Template No. 5

People who love the above template here is one more for you with a little variation. After checking out the earlier one you might be thinking this is the best but when you look at this you might feel bit confused. Both feature a simple and effective text which makes both template unique and attractive. Now as you have encountered both at the same place we know it is quite difficult for you to pick the best one. Well, don’t worry we have more on our recommendation list.

doctors note template 5
doctors note template 5

download doctors note template 5

Doctors Note Template No. 6

It seems that you are looking for a template where you can add your logo. If yes, then here is what you are exactly looking for. It will let you add your own logo. The logo you are seeing in image preview is completely replaceable and don’t worry about the size and dimension as you are able to add your logo then no matter whether it is a rectangle, circular or triangle. When you come down you can see some friendly fields and text similar to the above one but what we added is a table which makes it unique and different from others. It consists of three fields which you can use to mention illness, free of the following illness and suffering from the following illness.

doctors note template 6
doctors note template 6

download doctors note template 6

Doctors Note Template No. 7

We are 100% sure that when you look at our below template you can’t stop yourself from using it. It is short, simple and quick. If you are looking for a doctor who is too busy then this simple template not just help him or her to save time but also help the patient to get the exact details. The best thing about this template is you don’t need to add many things. Still, if you want to add then you then apart from hospital name and address it will get updated in seconds.

doctors note template 7
doctors note template 7

download doctors note template 7

Doctors Note Template No. 8

Most of people don’t want a template which seems simple and one of the simplest reason for this is they want to look their template heavier. If you are looking for something like this then here is our special template which contains lots of text. If you feel lazy to read out the whole text then no need to do it as we have not written any random things. All you need to do is download the template and change the header and at the bottom, you need to add the school name and website URL. If you don’t have then simply remove the text. And yes it is now ready to work.

doctors note template 8
doctors note template 8

download doctors note template 8

Doctors Note Template No. 9

We think that the minimal one gets more eyeballs so considering this here is one more minimalist template for you. It is so minimal that all things get clear in just one glance. If you don’t believe then scroll down a bit and find yourself what we are talking about. It comes with checkboxes which you can change according to your need. It is one of the simplest templates which you will love to try without thinking of anything.

doctors note template 9
doctors note template 9

download doctors note template 9

Doctors Note Template No. 10

Here is our special doctor or dentist excuse note. It is again in a simple format. Like most of the above simple format templates, this one also follows the same. As you can see it is unique in itself. Our main purpose to provide simple and easy templates so that one can save their valuable time. No doubt long templates boxed with lots of text may seem bit authentic but believe us most people choose a simple one.

doctors note template 10
doctors note template 10

download doctors note template 10


Hope you like our doctors note template collection. We add more in coming days so bookmark this page. Now don’t forget to share your suggestions like what kind of templates you want from us. Tell us in the below comment box and we will update them soon.