Example Notarized Letter

It’s never too late to find out who has been trying to gain access to your money. We all know that with the economy these days, money is just as important as ever. We are all doing everything we can to save it. It’s a good thing we know that if we were to lose our money, there is no way to get it back.

However, we also need to take precautions to protect ourselves from criminals who are trying to notarize their own notarized letters. A notarized letter is something you have to give to someone else before they can make their way into your bank account. You are never to be surprised by notary notices, but you can take precautionary measures to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Here are a few things you can do to prevent getting scammed:

Never use an envelope that is not from the company you are trying to notarize. If you’re receiving this sort of information from a business you don’t know, you should make sure the envelope is legitimate. The company is to send a blank document to the notary public. Using an envelope of the wrong company will get you scammed.

You want to go through the document completely. Look at each page and make sure the stamp is authentic. Any marks on the envelope could be the mark of someone trying to scam you. Look for those yellowing edges on the paper as well.

Pay attention to the stamps on the envelope. Are the stamps real? Do they appear to be made of colored paper? Check the stamps on the outside of the envelope too. While not all companies have the time to return and print out all the details when they send you the letter, some have the time to watch the screen of your computer while you send them your money.

Pay attention to the key pieces of information in the notarized letter. If you want to find out who has been trying to gain access to your money, look at the social security number on the front of the letter. You need to make sure this number is legitimate. Check to see if the number is set up properly as well.

When you sign the notarized letter, the company wants to have it signed right away, as soon as you send it off. So if you happen to leave the document with someone else, you need to have the signature done before you hand over the notarized letter. As soon as the notary public processes the document, you must mail it to the notary office. This way you can find out who has been trying to gain access to your money.

In many cases people will ask you to notarize their documents right away. Don’t fall for it. The best way to deal with people who are trying to scam you is to get in touch with the proper authorities.