Formal Reminder Letter

Every business wants to send a formal reminder letter and not just be considered a pushover. But how do you write a formal reminder letter without sounding like you are sending out spam email?

First, how do you send a formal reminder? Use the traditional way and start with the signature line of your correspondence. Do not use an autoresponder or take advantage of programs that can automatically send emails.

Next, let your business card say it all when you write a formal reminder letter. The word formal can be found on your business card and that is where it should start.

Be sure to use the proper titles when writing the signature line. These titles will be used on all the correspondence and not just the formal reminder.

It is a good idea to use the words “Thank You” for a formal reminder. However, do not include the word thank you at the end of the letter.

If the address of the sender is included, include it in the formal reminder. But, if you do not have any address then it is perfectly acceptable to leave it blank.

Just because your company was listed does not mean that it is required by professional etiquette dictates a formal note. A customer can use this type of letter and do not need a formal reminder letter.

Include a statement about the reason you wrote the letter, whether it is a message to your customers or it is a message to the business itself. Never have to deal with an angry customer and do not take offense if they would not appreciate the same type of response from you.

So, if you feel the need to send out a formal letter, be sure to include the name of the person who wrote the letter. It can also be a statement of the business itself and include the address of the business as well.

Know the person who has sent out the note and make them aware of the information you have included in the letter. They may be able to help you by adding to the note or they may respond to the note by calling you and saying that they will.

You do not have to use these methods to get the address right and some people have not and there are some examples of how to send a formal reminder without using a personalized address, but these are more formal and usually include the full name of the sender. If you do not use the full name of the sender, you will just look desperate and that is not a good image to build.

Another tip is to not be afraid to let your readers know that the business letter was sent out in an attempt to either be helpful or to simply let them know that you are getting ready to respond to a message. Some people may be a little pushy but the important thing is to avoid sounding like you are doing an email marketing campaign.