How To Write Resume Template #2019

While drafting a resume for any related position, it is important that you should have a resume template ready before you start drafting your resume. There are some of the important points that need to be taken care of before drafting your resume, such as:

  • The resume should be error free i.e. there should not be any spelling mistakes or grammatical error in your resume. Check for the sentence construction in your resume and also make sure that there is no spelling mistake in your resume. If any of these errors are found in your resume, then it creates a negative impression in the eyes of the recruiter.
  • Divide the resume into different sections and sub-sections and highlight the essential aspects of the resume such as professional experience (previous and present experience with job responsibilities), educational details, job objective, achievements and awards, project details and contact information along with email id and telephone number. Make sure that the information is correct and to the best of your knowledge.
  • Make sure that the resume should have a professional outlook, so it is important that the resume should be short and precise with relevant information. You should follow a professional format for drafting your resume i.e. use font-name as “Times New Roman” or ‘Calibri’ or ‘Arial’ with font-size 12 and alignment justified.
  • Do not lengthen your resume too much, i.e. try to compile your resume within 2 pages. Use bullet points to highlight the important points and remember to attach a cover letter with your resume.
  • Proofread the resume twice or thrice before sending it to the employer and make sure that you follow a specific pattern throughout your resume. Let us now have a look at how to write a resume free template that would clearly help you in drafting a well-planned resume for any related position.

Contact Information

  • Name of the applicant/ candidate applying for the job
  • Correspondence address of the candidate
  • Phone number of the candidate
  • Email id of the candidate

Job Objective

Mention the job code or job position as per the advertisement


Use bullet points to mention the professional skill, technical skills and non-technical skills that help to strengthen your profile

Professional Summary

Professional summary is the overall history of your professional career including your company name, tenure of the work i.e. from the date of joining till the last working date, your designation, and the roles and responsibilities that you undertook in your organization. The structure of professional summary is as follows:

  • Designation of the candidate
  • Name of the Organization
  • Tenure of the work
  • Roles and responsibilities

Remember to mention all the previous work experiences, as it strengthens your profile, as it will help the recruiter to know about your technicalities in details.

Educational Qualifications

It includes the educational history of the candidate. This is generally mentioned in a reverse chronological order. Mention the project details that you have completed during your professional studies. If you possess any certification course, then do mention it so that it will strengthen your academic details. The structure of the educational qualification is as follows:

  • Name of the Course
  • Name of the Collage/Institute
  • Duration of the course
  • Name of the University
  • Year of passing


Reference is the most important section of the resume, as you can get a call for the interview immediately with the help of the reference. The reference section includes the name of the referral, their designation, email id of the referral and the telephone number. You can add a maximum of 2 references in your resume.

This ends with the answer to how to write a resume free template for any job vacancy. You can also refer to the free resume template on the website as it will give you more idea of how to draft a well-planned and customized resume.



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