How To Write Student Resume

How to write a student resume and what is the purpose of effective resume writing are the two most important questions that every student or candidate applying for any job should know. While drafting a student resume, you should be clear with some of the basic points of resume writing, such as:

  • The resume should be short and precise
  • It should highlight the essential sections of the resume such as experience details, skill set, academic qualifications and duties and responsibilities that you perform in the current and previous organization
  • Use professional formatting while drafting your resume i.e. use the same font name and font size throughout the resume. Make sure that the resume is error-free i.e. it should not have any grammatical mistakes, vocabulary error, spelling error and the sentence construction.
  • It is essential to proofread the resume at least 2-3 times before sending it to the recruiter

Let us have a look at the content of the student resume, as it will clear all your doubts effectively. Usually resume writing is divided into several sections, such as:

  • Contact and personal informationThe contact information of the candidate includes their full name, permanent or correspondence address, email address and telephone number. The personal information of the candidates includes their date of birth, marital status, citizenship, social security number and driving license number.
  • Career ObjectiveThe career objective in the resume includes the main purpose of writing the resume. Try to show urgency and eagerness in joining the company. You can also include the qualities and strength that you possess and provide valid reasons to support these points. Be specific and precise in defining this section.
  • Skills and qualitiesThese are the skills and qualities that you posses during your internship. This section may comprise of technical skills and non-technical skills. Use bullet points to describe your skills and qualities.
  • Academic Qualifications

This is one of the essential and most important sections of the resume for the recruitment of a fresher. This section includes name of the degree/course, the name of the university/institute, year of passing and the duration of the course. Make sure that you mention the academic qualification in reverence chronological order, i.e. starting from the most recent degree. You can also mention the certification course or diploma degree, if any, as it strengthen your profile.

Project details

Project details comprises of the in-house project as well as the internship that you have to perform for competing your degree. Do not try to skip any in-house project, but mainly emphasize on the internship, as it consists of corporate experience. The structure of the project details is the name of the project, name of the company from where you completed the project work, name of the guide, duration of the project, number of people involved in the project, your individual part in the project and a short summary of the project.

Extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities comprises of the participating in sport activities, cultural activities, and other activities in college and school

  • Achievements and awardsThis section deals with the awards and prizes that you receive from your school and college after winning any event such as debate competition, or any sport competition
  • ReferenceThis is the last section of the resume that contains the name of the referral along with the designation and contact details of the referral. The structure is like the name of the referral, designation of the referral, name of the organization, contact number and email id.

The above given information will provide you the answer for the most important question by most of the job seekers i.e. “how to write a student resume”.




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