Java Programmer Cover Letter

(Sender’s Address)
19 April 2019

HR Manager
(Company’s Address)

Dear Sir/Madam

This is an application with reference to your advertisement published on the job information server stating a vacancy for the post of a JAVA programmer. I am certain that my qualification and experience is at par with the job requirement. Hereby i am providing you with a brief overview of my skill set and achievments.

I have completed my graduation in computer science from PQR college of sciences. I hold a diploma in software testing techniques. I have an extensive work experience in the relevant field for 5 years. I have worked as a supervisor of a 5 member team for software testing. The responsibilities i carried out included analysing and testing software using JavaScipt and PHP languages. I have also looked after the technical testing department of the organization and solved whatever problems the software programs face while they were commercially run.I am confident of my interpersonal skills and have attended various international clients in the organization. I am fluent with English, Spanish and German. I recognise the importance of team work in an organisational success and actively seek methodical way to solutions. I am interseted to be associated with your organization at a responsible position. I hope that through my work experience I will be a new member of your JAVA programming team. More information about my programming experiences and abilities is detailed in my CV enclosed with this letter. I will be glad if you could go through it and let me know if you can arrange for a personal interview in the coming week so that we can discuss the prospect.

Thanking you





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