Lease Agreement Template

Lease Agreement Template

Indonesia is a state of law, there are many actions that have been regulated in law, thus all actions can be accounted for. Between rights and obligations have been guaranteed and regulated in the law, ranging from simple activities to activities that are personal in nature have also been regulated in it. This includes rental and rental of goods or objects.

On this occasion, we would like to discuss Lease Agreement, such as land rental, electronic equipment rental, house rental, car rental, heavy equipment rental, and other rental agreements. The activities of the lease and lease agreements have been regulated in the Criminal Code Act.

Definition of Rent

In order to better understand the self-leasing agreement letter, either goods or a panda, then you must know the basics of the agreement, There are many important things in the rental agreement so that there are no errors, If there is an error in the self-lease agreement letter, it will make a mistake. lease agreement letter becomes a loophole that will harm one party or even both parties to the agreement.

Subject and Object for Lease

The subject or people in the agreement letter are called the parties involved in the lease agreement, namely the person who provides the loan or leases and the party who borrows or is the lessee. The person, in this case, referred to as the party who rents out is a person or legal entity that lends or leases goods or objects to the party that borrows or the lessee, while the person or party of the borrower or lessee is a person or legal entity that rents goods or objects from the party that rents out.

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What Do You Know About Lease Agreements?

The object in the lease agreement is an object or goods, with a series of requirements that the goods or objects as leased objects are halal goods, meaning that they are not against the articles regulated by law, order, and morality.

Lease Agreement Form and Substance

The form of the lease agreement made by various parties is not explicitly determined by the Civil Code. However, the lease agreement letter can be made in oral or written form. In everyday life, the forms of rental agreements that have often been carried out such as buildings or land are made in written form and the contents of the agreement have been formulated by the parties and or by a notary. The things that must be in the rental agreement are as follows:

  • The date the lease agreement was made,
  • People as subjects, namely both parties involved in the lease agreement,
  • leased object,
  • Rent time period,
  • The amount of the rent,
  • The rights and obligations of each party in the agreement,
  • Can also be added regarding the expiration of the contract and fines.

Hopefully, the article on Understanding Lease Agreement, Important Things in a Lease Letter, can add knowledge and insight so that there are no fatal mistakes in making a Lease Agreement.

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