Letter Of Negative Recommendation

Here is a sample letter for Letter of Negative Recommendation  for Administrative Jobs. The situation is that some one asked you for a reference to a guy who has worked in your organization. You don’t have positive feedback and hence it is a negative recommendation for Administrative Jobs. This letter touches a professional edge to communicate a professional opinion without being personal with the employee. Here is that letter for your review,Letter of Recommendation [Negative] for Administrative Jobs

Mr. Peter Jacob

2410 Tasha Drive

Anchorage, USA


Dated: 18-05-2009

Dear Mr. Peter

I received your letter yesterday in which you debrief me about Mr. John’s work history. It is my pleasure to inform you about his work history from the time he has been working with our company.

Mr. John joined us from January 2008 to April 2009. He was appointed on the duties of Internal Administrative Officer. He was given the main tasks of file and data handling operations, financial accounts of organization using our accounts software, collecting inquiries from staff and customer and maintaining the record of all the entries about new and old data.

Regarding his duties I can not object that he was irresponsible. He always has been attentive to work duties and preferred his duties on his personal interest. In fact he has full understanding and knowledge of managing the administrative duties. But he has less ability to work in group. He is not cooperative to his work mates that caused him to be discharged from his job. His staff members found lack of collaborative qualities in him that affected the team work badly and caused less understanding and coordination.

If there are any questions, you are welcome to ask me anytime.


Denial Michael

5501 Tilden Ave

California, USAdenialm@gmail.com




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