Letter Of Positive Recommendation

Here is a sample cover letter for Letter of Positive Recommendation for Administrative Jobs. This situation is that you are asked to recommend someone for a job designation while that guy has a working experience in your organization. Now you need to write this sample letter to positively recommend the person under discussion for the Administrative Jobs. Here is that letter for you,Letter of Recommendation [Positive] for Administrative Jobs

Mr. John Robert

103 Road Street

Philadelphia, USA


Dated: 18-05-2009

Dear Mr. John

I received your letter dated on 14-05-2009, in which you asked me about the efficiency and history of Mr. Nitin. It’s my pleasure to inform you that Mr. Nitin has been working with us from March 2007 to April 2009, more than 2 years period. He was given the Administration duties that he fulfilled with great ability and skills. He handled the files and data management task, financial and general accounts, customers and staff inquiries and other office management operations with professional skills. He always worked hard for progress and good will of the company.

He is very courteous and well mannered person. He has been very punctual and managed the best time for the services. He has not smoking or drinking habit. He always paid best attention to his duties and preferred the duties on his personal interests. He is a responsible person and knows to keep the discipline maintained.

I am pleased and feel honor to say that Mr. Nitin is the person of good qualities of head and heart. He will be best fit to your Administrative Officer job.

It is really not a good feeling for us to lose a member like Mr. Nitin. We all will remember him for his services and friendly attitude with staff members.


Denial Michael

5601 Tilden Ave

California, USAdenialm@gmail.com




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