Nanny Recommendation Letter

If your beloved nanny on the move, or if your children too old to need their services, you can express your gratitude to her by showing him an excellent, thoughtful letter. This letter is probably the greatest tool the nanny in the search for a new job, so you can be sure it organized and to be well written.

• Begin with a general salutation like “Dear Sir or Madam.” This may impersonal, but allows the nanny to use multiple copies of the letter to more interviews.

• Choose three or four positive from your nanny features you want to highlight. You can include organizational skills, warm and loving way, attention and energy. Select the properties that most thought to you as parents.

• Start describe the first paragraph the feature. The second and subsequent sentences should give a specific example of this feature. Exit to discuss the paragraph, as this feature is to benefit the new family. Remember to write this letter as a parent are another parent.

• Repeat for the other trains until you have all treated to step 3. Be as short as possible, being sure not to wander.

• Include a quote from your child about why he loved her with the nannyor his favorite activity.

• Quit. The letter with an offer to contact you if the prospective employers have questions or would like a more thorough reference

• Sign the letter with blue or black ink. Make sure your name is typed with a phone number and e-mail address to which you can be reached.



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