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Nursing job needs a lot of skills and potential to be a nurse and take care of the patients. The main objective for drafting the nursing resume is to get a job in any of the reputed hospital/medical institute. While applying for this job, you need to be efficient, dedicated and passionate towards work and should have lots of patience and tolerance to deal with any situations. The responsibilities of a nurse is to take care of the patient’s needs and requirements, keep a watch on the overall progress of the patient and prepare a progress report on that basis, provide tools and equipments in the operation theater (OT) during the operations, make sure that the equipments such as scissors, knifes, etc., are properly sterilized and ready for use, take the patients for x-ray, biopsy or other tests, provide emotional and mental support to the patients, inject IVs to take blood for sample test or insert liquid medicines as prescribed by the doctor.

Let us have a look at a sample nursing resume that will probably clear all your doubts as well as provide you the best solution for “how to write nursing resume”.

Nursing Resume Sample

Contact Information

Name: Marie Dia
Address: 77 Grand Canyon Rue, Nevada, 400001 United States
Email address:
Phone number: (555) 555-3214

Career Objective

Seeking for the position of a nurse in your organization where I can use my talent and skills in the best possible way.

Professional Summary

I am a highly talented and skilled person for the job of a nurse, as I have an experience of more than 8 years in this related field. I am a hard working and a self-motivated person with excellent management and communicational skills. I have my own style of working and problem solving ability. I am eager to join your organization so that I could share my skills and experience in nursing, along with learning new and innovative things.

Skill Set and Core Competences

  • Well versed with nursing techniques that would help to cure the patient effectively
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, that help to communicate effectively with the patient
  • Maintain a cordial relation between the staff members in the hospital so as to maintain peace and complete the work on time
  • Highly obedient and reliable person with excellent knowledge of the domain
  • Good inter-personal skills that help in dealing with the patient in a much easier way
  • Strong notion to administer first aid so that there are no complications during the treatment

Work Experience

Designation: Nurse
Organization’s Name: ZAS Medical Center, Minor City, USA
Duration: October 2009-till date

Duties and responsibilities

  • Monitor the health of the patient and maintain a record of his improvements
  • Provide mental support to the patient, as it helps the patient cure faster
  • Prepare a overall report of the patient and send it to the doctor for further reference
  • Ensure that the required tools and equipments are available in the operating theater before the planned operation
  • Provide training to the new joined nurses and see that everyone follows the rules and regulations of the medical center
  • Perform other clinical tasks, whenever asked to

Designation: Assistant Nurse
Organization’s Name: BAS Heath Association, New York, USA
Duration: October 2005-September

Duties and responsibilities

  • Assist the nurse perform their duties in the best possible way
  • Make sure that the patients are provided with proper food and medication
  • Help the nurse maintain the medical record of the concerned patient
  • Give medications through IV or pills, on the scheduled time, to the patient. Also, remind him to take the prescribed medicines after he goes home.
  • Try to build a healthy environment with the workers and co-workers of the organization

Educational Qualification

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from New York University, Any City, United States in the year 2004
  • High School Diploma from Arcata High School, New York, United States in the year 2001


  • Awarded as the best worker of the year from ZAS Medical Center, Minor City, USA in the year 2009 for providing the best services
  • Got first prize in Inter school essay competition from Arcata High School, New York, United States in the year 2000

Area of interest

  • Pediatrics
  • Oncology
  • Gynecology


Name: Alisha Thames
Designation: Sr. Nurse
Organization: BAS Heath Association., New York, USA
Phone No: 876-009-8787
E-mail id:

Name: James Hinson
Position: Senior Surgeon
Organization: ZAS Medical Center, Minorr City, USA
Phone No: 527-589-6969
E-mail id:

Other personal details

  • Date of Birth: 20 June 1980
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Driving License: Yes, A category

Refer to the above sample nursing resume and you will get the answer to the most important question “how to write a nursing resume”. Just keep few things in mind that the resume should provide a professional outlook and should gain the attention of the recruiter.




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