Paralegal Resume With No Experience

As a paralegal can be an exciting, profitable and stable job. As a paralegal, you will assist lawyers tasks with all aspects of litigation, including investigation of the case, the review of conflicts of interest, the filing of court documents with the proper court, assistance with deposits and many other law-related. You do not need a legal degree to be a paralegal, nor do you have certain legal education, although any legal experience helps. With the right amount of transferable skills, you can land a paralegal job without experience.

• Start with your previous job history. Write down all your employers for the last jobs. Make sure to include the business’s name, title and the dates you were employed.

• Write down your responsibilities for each position you held below the respective employer. Without experience as a paralegal, you will want to all transferable skills you have that mark are not just a paralegal. Administrative experience, data entry, the attention to detail, organizational skills, the maintenance calendar, transcription experience and research experience are important to mention transferable skills.

• List your educational experience. Even if you in an area you feel a bachelor’s degree, nothing has rightly how to do art history, list your degree anyway. If you have additional educational experience as a master or certifications, list them also.

• Your Technology Knowledge Skills, which is a critical skill for a paralegal. Ensure list of specific software, that you have used, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. If you have experience with technical equipment, such as a PDA or Smartphone, you will want to also list it.

• list any other skills you may have. This may be your ability to learn a foreign language, which can be useful if a lawyer needs a translation of a disposition or assistance with are speaking in an interview with a foreign customer. They also want to list your typing speed as paralegals often entrusted with transcription recordings and notes in real time.

• List all the prizes and awards that you have received, which may be relevant to the job. You will not want to list, awards that may be irrelevant, such as a cooking award. But you honored as employee of the month would list. This will speak to your character and your work ethic.




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