Personal Reference Example

Most business owners use a personal reference example to show how their company can benefit. While this is an effective tactic, there are times when this is not enough to convince the potential customer that they need your product or service.

One of the most common mistakes that business owners make is comparing their personal relationship with their customers with the way they relate to clients or prospects. The problems with this comparison are many. First, it is never good for any business to compare their personal relationship with their customers to the way they relate to customers or prospects.

Business owners often fall into the trap of trying to find a similarity that shows how the business makes the best efforts to support the customer. Instead, the business owner should always show how the company is different from its competition. This will make the customer feel like they are getting value.

When you compare your examples, always tell the audience what their problem is in a specific case. For example, if you want to have a personal reference example to illustrate how the company handles work force development, you can use a motivational example that depicts the company as a strong supporter of the worker. This example will show how the company stands out among competitors. The customers will be motivated to continue their relationship with the company.

The business owner should avoid using any competitor’s reference to support their case. The comparisons should be unique and only create a positive association. Once the comparison is finished, the business owner should change the contrast in order to create a new case. It is important to keep the differences between the two cases in mind while writing the comparisons so that the reader understands the business value from the comparison.

Too many business owners make the mistake of using another company’s comparison to defend the positive aspects of their own company. Most of the time, the businesses that offer reference example are actually promoting the products or services that the business provides. By using a reference example to provide a good example, the business owner is making the case for his own business instead of the other business. Remember that the reader of the reference example is not deciding whether to purchase the product, but rather the extent to which the business fits the customer’s needs.

Remember that the more convincing a reference example is, the more convincing the business owner will be. A good example should leave the audience with the feeling that the company is better than its competition. It should set the stage for the potential customer to be very interested in your business.

When you write your own personal reference example, be sure to focus on the company’s values, and how they are different from those of the competition. Always use strong language and do not use curse words in the references. These things will help show the benefits of using the personal reference example and also help the reader form a positive opinion about the company’s values.