Personal Reference Letter For A Friend

When you send your friend or relative a personal reference letter, it helps them get a better understanding of you and what you can do for them. Sometimes, it takes more than one occasion for a person to connect with another and want to use their services.

It’s because of your past relationships that you know how to speak in their language and interact in a more comfortable way. Your letter will have made your friend feel that you are the best qualified candidate to help them and they will likely trust you completely.

As a friend, you don’t need to be writing these letters on a daily basis. It’s when you feel that you need to write to a certain friend or relative at least twice a month that you need to do some additional research. You don’t want to give any of your good relationships away to someone that isn’t worthy of it.

When you are getting ready to write the letter, you need to decide what kind of letter you are going to be writing. Do you want to get rid of the name of the person? Well, it isn’t necessary to tell him/her but in this day and age people don’t want to get into any relationship with you if you’re going to keep his/her name and refer to them by their business or household number. That may sound odd but it’s how it is now.

It’s also not necessary to tell friends and family members how you met them. Again, keep your name out of the letter. It’s not unusual for people to meet you and see you are a long time friend but still want to have you reference as the person who introduced them to you.

Getting rid of the name may seem like a difficult thing to do but you should look into it seriously before you do it. Maybe if you just stick with your given name you can avoid this problem. Another reason to remove the name from the letter is that sometimes people start getting more annoyed with you when you keep their name in the letter.

If you have decided to keep the name in the letter then go for it. If you decide to get rid of it then make sure you leave your name somewhere in the letter but don’t use it all the time. The last thing you want is for your friend to think you’re writing a hit piece about yourself because you left his/her name in the letter.

With all the information you can find on the Internet about writing a personal reference letter, it might be a good idea to take a little bit of time to do some research before you get started. You’ll be glad you did and you will get the help you need to make a better impression on your friend or relative. It may just save your friendship.