Personal Referral For Banking Jobs

Mr. Darren Furr

855 S, Greenville Avenue

Richardson, Texas, USA

Dated: 20-05-2009

Dear Mr. Darren

I personally know Mr. Robert for last 7 years. He is very honest and reliable person with great qualities of head and heart. He has work experience with Cashier’s duties at ABC Departmental Store for 3 years.

I came to know about vacant position of Cashier at National Saving Bank’s main branch, so I am going to refer Mr. Robert fit for this position. He fulfills all requirements you are looking for.

I have talked to him also. I want you to give him available time of meeting so that both of you can discuss details of this position. I am certain that you will find him appropriate in good interest of National Saving Bank with his great skills of handling business transactions in association with cashier’s duties.

I am looking forward to hear your response in near future.

Thanks in anticipation


Mark Smith

500 Cliffside

Farmington, New Mexico, USA





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