Rental Agreement Template

Rental Agreement Template

Building a business requires several supporting facilities, one of which is office space. The office space will be used for various administrative activities, such as storage and business data processing.

Building an office costs a lot of money, if you don’t have the cost, you should just rent an office building. When you want to rent it, you have to make an office Agreement Template. So what documents must be prepared? Check out the explanation below.

Office Types

Virtual Office

The first types of office are virtual office. A virtual office is a shared office building, where the office address can be used by several companies. Physically there is no office used by the company that rents the virtual office.

Service Office

This second type of office is very suitable to be rented by those of you who have a startup business because the space for rent is not too wide. Unlike the virtual office, the service office has many rooms that can be used for business operations and facilities are also available to support it.

Coworking Office

Finally, there is a coworking office, this type of office can not only be used for workspaces but also for building a community. This is because coworking offices have the concept of sharing or sharing so that they can be rented per individual, per team, or company.

What to Pay Attention to When Making an Office Lease Agreement?

Important Documents that Need to be Prepared

Company Domicile Certificate (SKDP)

If you decide to rent a virtual office or a serviced office, it means that you have to prepare a Company Domicile Certificate (SKDP). Having this document means that the company’s address has been recognized and is correct if the company is domiciled at the address stated in the SKDP.

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This SKDP document can also be used to process NPWP, SIUP, and licensing documents. When you rent a virtual office or serviced office, the office service provider will be responsible for providing the documents needed to take care of the SKDP.

Office Lease Agreement

This document is very important if you decide you want to rent an office for business operations. This agreement document is made on behalf of the tenant and also the official service provider. The contents of the agreement regulating the rights and obligations of each party, the rental period, the rental price, details of the facilities obtained, and other additional points.

Several office provider services require the tenant to pay a deposit and it will be returned when the rental period has ended. This return mechanism needs to be considered. Usually, the office service provider has made an agreement document so that the tenant only needs to see and study the contents of the agreement.

Leasing an office often creates several problems. This problem arises due to the absence of agreement documents in the office lease. However, the existence of these documents is very important. It is hoped that with this information, the needs of the office Agreement Template can be carried out smoothly.

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