Resignation Letter Examples

Your reasons for leaving your work are less important than the wording of your resignation letter . Whether you just achieved a better paid job outside the company, or you can not stand your current supervisor, writing a brutally honest letter is tempting. Unfortunately, such displays of openness will come back to haunt your future, as in the next industry association meeting or in finding a referral for potential customers. You never know what can be bridged Need gracefully and tastefully in the future, so save the rant and quit.

• Address your supervisor or designated representative of the personnel department with a professional greeting. A greeting like “Dear Mrs. Smith” is appropriate.

• Be. One or two short sentences stating your decision to resign and your last day An example is:

“Please accept my letter of resignation as Assistant Director of East Coast Sales. My last working date at [current employer] is [at least two weeks away] be.”

Some companies may have more or less time, but two weeks before the resignation is standard professional courtesy.

• a new paragraph stating write in a few sentences, is your resignation for personal reasons. Features include only if your reasons are really personal, as the illness of a parent, new work of the spouse or the return to school

“. My resignation from my current position by my desire for further education at the graduate level is”

If your reasons are more controversial, simply write:

“. My resignation from my current position for personal reasons”

Keep the sales to a maximum of three or four lines. You do not need to detail the long-fought battle over whether your immediate family would one day return to the opposite coast.

• Close your letter on a positive note of gratitude, even if not gratitude to accurately grasp the current feelings. Use the example as a model,

“I want you for the learning experience I have to [Company Name] had to thank. I have part of the [team or department name] and enjoyed working for [name superiors],”.

Be brief, but optimistic and refrains from negative comments about your staff, the organization, or your supervisor.





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