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If you want to know how to write two weeks notice then here you will know not just how you can write effective notice period letter. Apart from it, we will also provide a collection of notice templates which will help you to write a powerful and explanative notice without any trouble.

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Yes, if you have ample of time and want to learn how you can draft a great notice period letter then let’s begin with the process.

How to Write a Two Weeks Notice

If you are currently working anywhere then obviously at some point in your life you need to move on from your company then no matter how good it is. Do you want to move on if you are getting a better opportunity, right? In such a situation you need to write a resignation letter.

Depending on the rules of your company you may have to give two weeks, 1 month or 45 days notice period. If you frame right information in a correct format in your notice period then obviously it helps your company to understand why you want to leave your job.

If you write a formal resignation letter and give a general notice letter then it may leave a dent between your current company and you. It is always a good thing to keep your relationship healthy with your company which you are going to leave.

If there is a healthy relationship between you and your company then obviously they will help you in case you face any problem in future. So let’s help you to write your first notice letter.

Know What to Say and How to Say

In the beginning, you need to make a very clear and concise statement. Make sure to clearly state that you are resigning from your current position at the end of a two week period in the first line.

Don’t start by mentioning the reason. Avoid things like you can change your mind or you want to stay for a longer period.

You can start with this format:

  • “I hereby resign as [job title] at [company name], effective [date of resignation], two weeks from [current date].”
  • “This letter serves as an official notice of my resignation from [company name] as [job title], effective on [date of resignation].”

Avoid this kind of start:

  • “I would like to quit from my position as [job title]. Please let me know what time frame would be most convenient for you.”
  • “If all goes as I expect, I intend to resign from my position with the company two weeks from now.”

Give Your Employer At Least Two Weeks to Time Period

You can’t leave any company without intimating them. There are various reasons to do so. First of all, it is your moral responsibility to tell the company about your leaving date which depending on your company’s policy can be after two weeks, 1 month or 45 days.

This gives a company a chance to find any other candidate who can fulfill your position and responsibilities. If you leave your company without intimating them then obviously you are not entitled to get your pending salary, experience letter etc.

This rule has been made in favor of the company. Imagine a scenario where the company has too many workloads and they want you to do some overtime by paying some extra money but meanwhile you get a better offer so you can’t leave them instantly at such situation and obviously you don’t want to be.

Yes if you are getting the better opportunity which needs your joining before your notice period ends then in this situation you need to simply consult your higher management look for a better solution. If you have a healthy relationship with your company then obviously they will be happy to help you.

Be Diplomatic Especially When You Are Asked To Mention the Reason For Leaving


It is good practice to add a diplomatic reason to leave the company. We are mentioning this because many employees are leaving the current company because of frustration.

No matter how frustrated you have in your mind about your company two weeks notice is not the right place to take out your frustration. Keep your two weeks notice professional, brief, and general.

Note that you shouldn’t need to mention your exact reason. It could be a personal which you don’t want to share.

If you are working in a big organization then it is possible that there are various departments. In such a situation you can tell the authorities that you want to change your department.

When you serve your two weeks notice it is possible that your seniors or co-workers ask for the reason. In such case, you need to prepare with a valid and diplomatic kind of answer. Don’t change your answer keep it one. You don’t need to add the reason in your notice period letter.

Try to Become Formal and Friendly Both

It is always recommended to be professional while writing two weeks notice letter but we don’t agree with this. You can be a bit formal. If you are kind of frank with your employer and you share a good relationship then you can use the friendliest tone.

Here we are simply recommending to write a letter depending on what kind of relationship you share with your boss. If your boss is rigid in nature and behaves too much professionalism with everything then avoid the friendly tone in your two weeks notice letter.

You can choose something like the below example:

  •  “I am very thankful for the experience and growth working for you has afforded me.”

Avoid choosing lines mentioned below:

  •  “I formally state, for the record, that I continue to maintain a high regard for ABC Company and hold no ill intent toward any employer or employee at the company.”
  • “Thanks 4 everything!”
  • Establish a Positive Tone

Your two weeks notice letter will be the final and last document from your side so don’t you think it should be the best one which leaves a good impression. As above mentioned no matter how much you hate the job you need to be hatred free as much as possible.

If you leave a good impression then it will help you to get a better image when you join your new company. Your new company will definitely ask about your behavior and all. So make sure to leave a great impression about yourself.

When you are in notice period don’t take your work for granted. You need to behave properly with everyone and complete your tasks on time. This is additional information which you need to keep in your mind.

Thank Your Employer

Add a line in your two weeks notice letter, say thanks to your employer for providing the experiences and opportunities you received while working in the company. Each job adds something in a person’s life even the cons list is longer the pros.

If you have learned a lot from your company then make sure to show gratitude towards the company or employer.

You can add something like “I cannot even begin to thank you enough for the past three years. I have learned more than I ever expected and appreciate your generosity and patience.”

In case you have a bad experience with your company. You can try such lines: “I would also like to thank you for providing me with the experience I received over the past three years of employment.”

Don’t Run From Your Responsibility


When you serve your two weeks notice letter don’t think that you just need to survive two weeks anyhow. If any project is pending because you then try to finish it as soon as possible especially no one is able to handle it and solely depends on you.

Now till then, a new person will not come obviously it gets delayed day by day so it is your moral responsibility to put your best to complete the pending work.

As you know we have mentioned above that you have to build a strong relationship with your company even when you are leaving it.

Offer Your Service Even After Post-Resignation

This is one of the good gestures towards the organization from where you’ve learned a lot. If you are in any senior position then obviously company depends a lot on you.

After your notice period obviously, the company has to hire a new person which may or may not able to handle the projects.

You can offer them your service, it would obviously not a full time but be ready to assist them whenever they need your help.

End the Letter With a Complimentary Note

If you are following step by step things then you might have thanked your employer earlier but you need to thank him or her again. You can use lines like “I will always be thankful to you and the staff of ABC company for all that you have done for me.”

If you are still reading this then you might love to know how you can draft a two weeks notice. Well if you have less time then we recommend you to check our best collection of two weeks template.

You can use our template to save your time and energy. Yes, if you are here to learn new things then still below part help you to get more ideas. So don’t miss them.




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