Workout Log Template

A workout log is just that-a log of the workouts you do. It’s the little personal thing you can do each day that will help keep you motivated and reminded of your accomplishments.

Motivation is a tricky thing to figure out. Maybe it’s more a matter of your perception of what motivation is to you, or maybe it’s more of a matter of things having happened in your life that have made you think that motivation is what you need to accomplish a goal. What you do know is that you need to be motivated, because without motivation, you won’t reach your goals.

The best way to gain the motivation you need is to write down your goals on a calendar so you can track how much time you have to achieve them. If you don’t know where to start, you can use a calendar to write down your goals, and then when you’re done writing, cross things off the calendar. There’s really no way to motivate yourself when you don’t know what you’ve got left to do.

So what should your workout log look like? You should write down all of your goals on the calendar so you have them written down. Then you should write down your workout logs in a text format, with a date line at the top. If you’re only taking a week, you may only have two or three entries on the calendar, but if you’re going to go for a month, you’ll have at least six to eight entries.

When you’re finished with your workout log, you should take a piece of paper and jot down how much time you have to get to your goals. If you’re going to be doing one exercise for a couple of weeks, you might only have a few minutes left to do that workout.

Then you’ll have a list of exercises, days and times for each, and their results so you can see how effective they are in the first week’s activities. These will help you keep track of your progress, which is a big key to motivation. For every week that you continue to work out at least once a week, your body will change, you’ll be more efficient, and you’ll be less likely to give up.

Now your workout log has been written, you need to create a schedule for yourself. You can either set up your schedule by using a piece of paper and markers or you can use an online calendar. Either way, you’ll need to keep your goals updated each day and start each week of your program.

Repeat these steps each week until you reach your desired goal. Even when you’re at the end of the week, you can try something different. You might want to try going for a little extra exercise today to get some momentum for next week. Whatever you do, don’t quit!