Write Express Reminder

For a lot of people, writing a good express reminder letter is one of the most difficult things they’ll ever do. After all, how can you convey your gratitude or reassure someone that you’re thinking about them? What do you say when the person you are sending it to doesn’t respond right away, or has a busy day at work?

To make it easier for yourself, try learning how to write a message in a letter. Not only will it make writing thank you notes easier, but it also means that your message will be more meaningful to whoever receives it.

Starting with the very beginning of your letter, write a formal note using formal language and format. For example, instead of just saying “I’m thinking of you,” write, “We were hoping that you could be available on Monday for an important business meeting.” The first thing you should say is how you know the other person, because you are in their situation now.

Thank the person for inviting you to the meeting. This is very important and well worth making sure that you know exactly what you are going to say. Also, add in a personal touch. If you know they have recently lost a loved one, give an example of someone who has helped that person get through the difficult time, or talk about the type of friends and family that they might want to have around.

You should always begin your express reminder letter by thanking the other person for the invitation. In your letter, thank them for taking the time to send a personal letter and remind them that you will also appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Your next part of the express reminder will tell the other person where they can find the details of the meeting. Start this part by writing the time, date, and location, but not too much. Make sure that it’s clear what the person can expect from you. Do not mention your own schedule until you have received confirmation that the meeting is actually happening.

Finally, your express reminder should include information about any information or products that the person has requested or is interested in purchasing. Be brief, and if possible include other people in the project who can confirm that the other person is interested in your products or services.

Try to be a bit original when you are writing your express reminder. There are many thank you notes that contain similar wording, so be careful to avoid copying it too closely.

The last part of your express reminder should include a link to another page where the person can purchase the items you are recommending. Avoid being too direct here, and offer a bit of credibility by saying that you are contacting them about items that they’ve requested, but you haven’t tried yet.

Keep the follow up in the express reminder relatively short. At the end of your letter, use your signature line to reiterate your appreciation and thank the person for the gift.

Remember, when you write an express reminder, you are creating a note that is easy to remember and will be useful in times of need. Be sure to keep your express reminder from becoming boring and repetitive.

If you follow these simple guidelines when you write an express reminder, your note will be read over again, making it one of the most effective thank you notes you can write. And, it will come in handy when you really need to give someone something in the future!